Prof. Michele Friedner Receives NSF Award, 2020 Franke Fellow, and 2020 AAUW Fellowship

Prof. Michele Friedner has been awarded an NSF Award and a 2020 AAUW Fellowship. She has also been named a 2020 Franke Faculty Fellow.

Coltan Scrivner Recieves SSRC Graduate Student Fellowship

Coltan Scrivner received a 2020 Graduate Student Fellowhip from the Social Sciences Research Center (SSRC) for his dissertation, "The Psychology of Morbid Curiosity."

Margaret Beale Spencer Awarded 2020 SSRC Faculty Grant

Prof. Margaret Beale Spencer has been awarded a 2020 Faculty Seed Grant from the Social Sciences Research Center. Her project, "Assessing the Incidence and Quality of Police Encounters with Male Minority Youth via the Procedural Language Used in Police Broadcast Communications," is a unique experiment which utilizes broadcast police communications (BPC) to study the impact of policing practices on male minority youth and their communities.

Eman Abdelhadi Receives 2020 SSRC Faculty Grant

Eman Abdelhadi has been awarded a 2020 Faculty Seed Grant from the Social Sciences Research Center. Her project, "Unveiling: How and Why Women Stop Wearing the Hijab," investigates why individual women in the United States stop wearing the hijab (Muslim headscarf). Previously, research has primarily focused on women who chose to wear the hijab and how it impacted their identity. In this pilot study, Abdelhadi will conduct life history interviews of women in US cities with large Muslim populations who have removed the hijab.

Prof. Jennifer Cole and Colleagues Given Neubauer Collegium Award

Prof. Jennifer Cole (Comparative Human Development), Prof. Julie Chu (Anthropology), Jack Mullee (Anthropology), and Heangjin Park (Anthropology) have been given a three-year Neubauer Collegium award for their collaborative research. Their project seeks to use logistics as a lens through which to innovate new theories and methodological approaches for understanding the entangled nature of contemporary mobile worlds.

Eman Abdelhadi wins NYU Outstanding Dissertation Award

Eman Abdelhadi won New York University's University-wide Outstanding Dissertation Award for her dissertation entitled, "Losing Women: How Gender Shapes Community Embeddedness among Second Generation Immigrant American Muslims."

Emily Wilson receives NSF Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant

Emily Wilson received a National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant for her work on "Homesharing: Volunteer Domestic Care after Austerity."

Eos Trinidad wins Philippine National Book Award

Eos Trinidad’s Researching Philippine Realities: A Guide to Qualitative, Quantitative, and Humanities Research won the Philippine National Book Awards' Best Book on Professions, given by the National Book Development Board. Written as a guide for Filipino researchers, the book outlines various contextualized ways and examples of doing research in his home country. Many of the insights from the book came from his time as a masters student at the University of Chicago.


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