Requirements and Resources

The Department of Comparative Human Development along with the Division of Social Sciences offers financial support and faculty advising to guide PhD students through the course and research requirements that define our program.

All newly enrolled PhD students are guaranteed funding support from the University of Chicago, external sources, or a combination of the two for the duration of their program, regardless of citizenship or other factors. Funding support includes a full-tuition scholarship, health insurance (for the student only), coverage of the Graduate Student Services Fee, and a living stipend. The guaranteed minimum stipend level for the 2023-2024 year is $37,000. These fellowships are intended to be their foremost source of aid. There are additional sources of funding available for students. For information on scholarships, fellowships, traineeships, or part-time work, students should consult the Student Affairs Secretary, their faculty advisor, and the Dean of Students Office. For a sample of the grants and prizes our students have won to support their study, see our Awards page.

Current students may obtain the Graduate Student Manual, a more thorough guide to the requirements described in this section by contacting the department staff.