The following is a list of all CHDV courses offered in 2023-24.

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This information is subject to change without notice.   The time of the courses is always tentative until the time schedule is published officially by the Registrar which usually occurs around the 7th week of the preceding quarter.  Please always see the most updated version on the CHD departmental website.   When possible, please registered for the section which corresponds to your level (i.e. grad students should enroll in 400 or 300 level courses only).

Course No Title Instructor QUTR Time
CHDV 12103 Treating Trans Martin WIN TBD
CHDV 20000 Intro to Human Development Numanbayraktaroglu AUT MW 1:30-2:50
CHDV 20100 Human Development Research Design Galli WIN WF 1:30-2.50
CHDV 20305 Inequality in Urban Spaces Keels Aut Mon 1.30-4.20
CHDV 21000; 31000 Cultural Psychology Shweder WIN T/Th 9:30- 10:50
CHDV 22350 Social Neuroscience Decety AUT T/Th 9:30-10.50
CHDV 22580 Child Development in the Classroom O’Doherty AUT T/Th 12:30-1:50
CHDV 23100 Human Language and Interaction Casillas SPR Tu/Th 9:30-10:50 AM
CHDV 23301, 33301 Culture, Mental Health, and Psychiatry Raikhel Spr Tu/TH 9.30-11:00.
CHDV 23360, 33360 Methods in Gesture and Sign Language Research Susan Goldin-Meadow; D. Brentari AUT Mondays 1:30 - 4:20 pm
CHDV 23370 Bright and Dark Side of Empathy Decety AUT M/W 1.30-2.50
CHDV 23700 Crosslinguistic Perspectives on Language Development Casillas AUT Wed 1.30-4.20
CHDV 23900 Introduction to Language Acquisition Goldin-Meadow SPR TBD
CHDV 24299 Topics in Medical Anthropology: Troubling Adolescence Martin Spr TuTh 12.30-1.50
CHDV 24599, 44599 Historical and Contemporary Issues in U.S. Health Inequality  Keels AUT Mon 9:30-12:20
CHDV 25777 Aging and the Life Course: An Intersectional Perspective Steffen Spr TBD
CHDV 26700, 36700 Language and Technology Edwards Win TuTh 2-3.20
CHDV 27250, 37250 Psychological Anthropology Numanbayraktaroglu Spr TuTh 2-3.20
CHDV 27861 Darwinism and Literature Maestripieri AUT Wed 1:30-4:20
CHDV 27950; 37950 Evolution and Economics of Human Behavior Maestripieri AUT T/Th 9:30-10:50 am
CHDV 21800 Primate Behavior and Ecology Maestripieri Aut T/Th 11-12.20
CHDV 24500 Language and Environment Edwards Aut Thurs 2-4.50
CHDV 28301, 38301 Disability and Design Friedner, Iverson WIN F 9:30-12:20
CHDV 29700 Undergraduate Reading and Research Staff A, W, S TBA
CHDV 29800 B.A. Seminar STAFF SPR TuTh 12.30-1.50
CHDV 29900 Honors Paper Preparation STAFF AUT TuTh 2.00-3.20
CHDV 30102 Intro to Causal Inference Hong WIN W 1:30-4:20 Lab F 130-310 and 3:20-440
CHDV 32020 Alternative Feminisms: Gender, Agency, and Liberation in the Middle East Numanbay- raktaroglu AUT MW 3.00-4.20
CHDV 32702 Statistical Application Gibbons AUT (not offer in 2023) TBA
CHDV 33500 New Perspectives on Language Emergence Edwards/ Brentari AUT MON 1.30-4.20
CHDV 37201 Language in Culture I Nakassis AUT TBA
CHDV 40000 HD Concepts Raikhel AUT TuTh 11-12.20
CHDV 40001 Introduction to Comparative Human Development Staff A,W,S Tues 12.30-1.50
CHDV 41900 Advance Topics in Language, Culture and Thought Lucy SPR MW 1:30-2:50
CHDV 42402 Trial Research II Casillas AUT Tu 9:30-12:20
CHDV 42402 Trial Research I Raikhel SPR Th 2-4.50
CHDV 44500 Language and Environment Edwards Aut TuTh 9.30-10.50
CHDV 45601 Moral Psychology and the Anthropology of Morality Shweder AUT Weds 9.30-12.20
CHDV 45699 When Cultures Collide: The Multicultural Challenge in Liberal Democracies Shweder WIN Weds 8:30-11:20
CHDV 27015, 47015 Scientific and Humanistic Contributions to Knowledge Formation  Maestripieri AUT Wed 8:30-11:20
CHDV 44500 Language and Environment Edwards Aut Thurs 2-4.50
CHDV 49900 Graduate Reading and Research Staff A, W, S TBD
HLTH 17000 Introduction to Health and Society Rangos Aut Mon/Wed 1:30-2:50
PSYC  40850 Seminar on Mathematical Development S. Levine Spring TBD