Comparative Human Development Student Association (CHDSA)

The Comparative Human Development Student Association (CHDSA) is the official student organization for HD students. Meeting times vary and are announced via email. Regular participation in CHDSA meetings and events is expected of students during their coursework and is encouraged thereafter. Traditionally, second year students hold most of the administrative positions for CHDSA and first year students assist in setting up events.

Organization Purpose

  • Provide a platform for a more coherent and unified Human Development students voice in the university.
  • Organize social and community events related to the needs of Human Development students specifically and the university community in general.
  • Organize opportunities for members and the university community to exchange ideas on subjects related to human development.

Meeting Information
Meeting Location: Rosenwald 331D
Meeting Day: typically Thursday at the beginning of the quarter
Meeting Time: 4:30pm-5:30pm

2023-2024 Positions
President: JohnMichael Jurgensen 
Treasurer: Abby Clements 
Welcome/Prospective Students Weekend Chair: Fulden Arisan
​​​​​​​Colloquium Chair: Yuchen Jin

2019-2020 Positions
President - Johan Rocha
First Year Outreach & Social Chairs - Graham Steffen and Chengwen (Kevin) Zheng
Treasurer - Xue Han
Colloquia Liaison: Tracy Brannstrom

2018-2019 Positions
President - Mary Cook
First Year Outreach - Natalie Dowling
Treasurer - Amy Leung
Social Chairs - Zoe Berman and Arvind Ilamaran
Colloquia Liaison: Shruti Vaidya

2017-2018 Positions
Co- Presidents - Hilary N. Tackie and Krista Olsen
First Year Outreach - Stephanie Palazzo
Treasurers - Layne Teska and Bronwyn Nichols
Social Chairs - Almaz Megshina and Coltan Scrivner

2015-16 Positions
Co- Presidents - Gabe Velez and Talia Gordon
First Year Outreach - Camille Roussel
Treasurer - Sharon Seegers
Social Chair- Nora Nickels

2014-15 Positions
President - Sanja Miklin
Treasurer - Amanda Brown
Social Chair - Carly Bertrand
Faculty Liaison - Erin McFee
Workshop Coordinator - Sanja Miklin

2013-2014 Positions
President - Erin McFee
Treasurer - Becca Frausel
Social Chair - Sean Coyne
Faculty Liaison - Rita Biagioli
Workshop Coordinator - David Ansari