CHD faculty members and students are involved in a range of workshops across the University, of which this is a partial list. For a full list of workshops in the Social Sciences and Humanities Divisions and the Divinity School, see the Council on Advanced Studies' Graduate Workshops list. For workshops based elsewhere in the University, see this list.

African Studies Workshop

The African Studies Workshop (ASW) is an interdisciplinary group made up of students and faculty researching the peoples of Africa and its diasporas, past and present. One of the workshop’s primary goals is to elucidate Africa’s dynamic relationship to a wider world and to chart the effects of these processes in various spheres of African life.

Comparative Behavioral Biology Workshop

This seminar series explores questions of behavior and biology from multiple disciplines spanning ethology, psychology, physiology, neuroscience, genetics, ecology, evolutionary biology, anthropology, and more! Students and faculty of the University of Chicago are encouraged to participate in this opportunity to get feedback on dissertation chapters, proposals, defenses, or job talks and share new and ongoing research with the rest of the scientific community! This workshop also provides a unique opportunity for students and faculty to invite, meet with, and hear from prestigious speakers from around the world.

Disability Studies Workshop

The Disability Studies Workshop takes disability as object and method. We explore disability as subject matter and use disability as critical lens (akin to race, class, or gender) to produce new forms for understanding wider social, cultural, and aesthetic domains. We recognize that disabled people are often unintentionally left out of academic work both as research participants and as scholars. The DSSG promotes projects that treats both disabled participants and disabled scholars as vital sources of knowledge.

Gender and Sexuality Studies Workshop

The Gender and Sexuality Studies Workshop (GSSW) is an interdisciplinary workshop committed to the development of critical perspectives on gender and sexuality. The workshop serves as a forum for discussing both graduate student papers as well as unpublished work from faculty and outside guests.

Medicine and Its Objects

The Medicine and Its Objects Workshop (MaIOW) examines medicine in relation to the material and social worlds in which it is enacted. We focus on the multiple objects which constitute medical domains: the objects of inquiry that guide knowledge production, the objects of intervention that direct therapeutic processes, and the material objects that mediate the intersections between theory and practice. MaIOW is a broadly interdisciplinary workshop, bringing together perspectives from Anthropology, Comparative Human Development, History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine, Public Health, Social Work, Sociology, and numerous area studies.

Migration & Incorporation Workshop 

The Migration & Incorporation Workshop provides an interdisciplinary space for graduate students and faculty to engage with scholarship related to international migration and immigrant incorporation. The topics of the workshop include the causes, processes, and individual and societal impact of human migration across borders, and how immigrants and their descendants are incorporated or become a part of society.

Semiotics: Culture in Context

This workshop seeks to advance research based on a semiotic framework. Presentations will come from a variety of fields including but not limited to linguistics, psychology, sociology, political science, literary theory, and anthropology. By not limiting the topic of research by area, period or discipline, the workshop encourages discussion to center on how to study social and cultural phenomena as embedded in a meaningful context. By building on many seminal studies that have used semiotic approaches, the goal of the workshop is to continue to develop the rigorous analytic framework that provides the method for clearly defining linkages between the object of analysis and its context.

Workshop on Education

The Workshop on Education alternates between two types of sessions: The New Findings in Education section functions as a typical University of Chicago workshop with detailed presentations, discussions and critical evaluations of new findings. Presentations are presented by university faculty and students, as well as experts from other universities. The Methodology sessions involve student presentations of works-in-progress. Discussion is aimed at helping colleagues plan their next steps.