SSD Minors

Education and Society
Beginning in the academic year 2019-2020, undergraduate students in the College in any field of study will have the option to pursue a new Minor in Education and Society. The minor offers students a coherent program of study that reflects the expertise of faculty across key disciplines that comprise the field of education. It provides an intellectual pathway for students among the disparate set of existing education-related course offerings, emphasizing a central theme: the interplay between human development and the social institution of schooling.

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Health and Society
The Health and Society minor explores the social, political, and economic processes that shape individual and population health. To understand health in its broader contexts, this minor encompasses a range of disciplines and methods in the social sciences, and differential emphases on theory, practice, and policy implications. A minor in Health and Society provides a background for medical school, the allied health professions, public health, health policy, health advocacy, the study of law with an emphasis on health, and doctoral work in a range of social science disciplines.

Health and Society Minor website
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You can download the form required to declare a minor in the College here.