Chair Margaret Beale Spencer has received a Diversity Leadership Award

Professor Margaret Beale Spencer has received a Diversity Leadership Award from  the University of Chicago. A breif excerpt from the University's site is below:

" 'All humans, no matter who you are, possess both risk factors and protective factors,' she said. 'I want to understand how we get resiliency for everyone. It might look different for different groups. I want to understand how we get good outcomes independent of risk factors.'

To account for how these factors affect human development over the lifespan across a variety of environments, Spencer developed the Phenomenological Variant of Ecological Systems Theory, or PVEST. 'People who share the same context make very different meaning of it,' she said, depending on the complex interplay of the stressors and protective factors in their lives, the coping strategies they develop and internalize, and how experienced stressors and coping strategies change.

By contrast, much of the research on low-income youth of color approaches them from a deficit perspective. Bringing a more complex and nuanced understanding of human development to the psychology and education of young people hasn’t been easy. 'We do not implement our science with that understanding,' Spencer said. 'People lack interest in unpacking the complexity. They use simple analogies to construct very complicated lives. PVEST helps us de-complicate some of those dynamic human experiences.' "

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