Earl R. Franklin Research Fellowship

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2015-16 Franklin grant for undergraduate research! The students below were awarded this grant to support summer research for their B.A. honors theses, which they have prepared to graduate in Spring 2016.

As a senior in The College, Earl R. Franklin (AB, ’65) deliberated between law school and a graduate degree in psychology. He chose the former, but often looked back on his decision.  “I always regretted not having a chance to dig deeper in psychology, and leave my mark at the University of Chicago in that field", he said.  Established in 2006, the Earl R. Franklin Research Fellowship is Franklin’s way of leaving his mark. The Franklin Research Fellowships are awarded to students in the Department of Psychology and in the Department of Comparative Human Development. Based strictly on merit, the fellowship provides each Franklin Fellow with up to $3,000 to pursue research that will lead to a senior honors project during their fourth year. Franklin Fellowship recipients report that the support they receive from the Earl R. Franklin Research Fellowships has played an important role in shaping their interests and career plans. We thank Mr. Franklin for his generosity through the years.

For more information on Mr. Franklin see this announcement
For more information on applying contact our department administrators

2015-2016 Recipients

Andrew Ahn

21st Century Skills for Social Mobility: An Analysis of the Genesys Works Program

Joy Sobowale

Defying Integration: Nigerian Immigrant Parents’ Use of Cultural Repertoires to Transmit Nigerian Values to their Children

2014-2015 Recipients

Helen Ellsworth

Parental explanatory models of Autism Spectrum Disorder and the choice of Alternative and Complementary Medicine

Patricia Graf

Accommodating Stress: How students with psychological disabilities are shaped by their college cultures

Danielle Labotka

The Role of Multilingual Environments on the Development of Pragmatic Competence

Marlene Lorenz

Trait and State Math Anxiety in American Fifth Graders

Kayla Milne

When Diagrams Fail: The Impact of Modality Affordances on Science Learning

2013-2014 Recipients

Sherraine Ashley

In It for the Long Haul: An Exploration of the Framing of Commitment in Cohabiting Unions

Jessica Coon

Let's Do It Together: Spontaneous Negotiation with Children with own Syndrome in Moments of Misunderstanding

John Dulac

Liberation, (Pro)creation, Transformation: Discourses of HIV infection, abjection, and reproductive futurism among bugchasers in an online forum

Lily Lerer

Slowing Down Medicine: The Plural Worlds of Hospice Care

Nia Sotto

Discipline and Perfection: Pro-Anorexia and Dieting as Discourses of Biomedicalization

Roisleen Todd

Cross-Cultural Differences in the Directedness of Action Towards Infants: A Comparison Between U.S. and Mayan Communities

Ava Weiss

Writing Culture in the Reading Room: The Cultural Politics of Place and Space in a “Hispanic” Branch of the Chicago Public Library