Current Ph.D. Students

David Aftab Ansari

University of Minnesota, B.A. Psychology
The London School of Economics, MSc
Research: Community mental health, psychiatry, mental health policy, aging, sexuality, sexual health, US, UK, France, Senegal, Pakistan

Zoe Berman

New York University, B.A. Anthropology
University of Chicago, M.A. Social Sciences
Research interests: sociocultural and medical anthropology; trauma; vulnerability; historical memory; intergenerational change; youth; Rwanda.

Rita Sophia Biagioli

Northwestern University, B.A. Psychology, Religion
University of Chicago Divinity School, M.A. History of Religion
Research: cultural psychology and psychological anthropology, religious studies, diaspora, historiography, Vedanta, India, Hinduism, Sanskrit, nationalism, cultural meaning systems, transmission, multiculturalism

Amanda Brown

Northwestern University, B.S. Theatre
Master's Thesis: What We See or What We Do: Getting a Grip on the Source of Representational Gesture
Research: Gesture, Embodiment, Bilingualism, Education, Pretend

Hae Min Byeon

Georgetown University, B.A. Psychology and Sociology
Research: Culture, multiculturalism, bilingualism, linguistic minorities, identity, socio-emotional well-being, acculturation, charitable giving

Nadxieli Toledo Bustamante

National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), B.A. Hispanic Language and Literatures
National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), M.A. Hispanic Linguistics
Research: Language development and language socialization, developmental pragmatics, language development and pretend play; language and cognition; language and culture; endangered languages; Isthmus Zapotec

Sarah Cashdollar

Dartmouth College, B.A. Anthropology
Research: cultural psychology, psychological anthropology, urban education, mixed methods, perceptions of deviance

Lindsey A. Conklin

University of Virginia, B.A. Psychology and French Language & Literature
Master's thesis: Negotiating "the Red Line": Youth, Marriage, and Personal Honor in Damascus
Dissertation: Navigating "Waithood": Youth, Gender, and Courtship in Amman
Research: Psychological anthropology, youth, personal honor, theories of self, marriage, courtship, gender and sexuality, Syria, Jordan

Ashley Elizabeth Drake

Bucknell University, B.A. Psychology and Anthropology
University of Chicago, M.A. Comparative Human Development
Dissertation Thesis: Militarizing Affect: The Making of the Military Working Dog Team
Research: Human animal studies; science and technology studies; multispecies ethnography; affect; embodiment; anthropology of the military; United States

Natalie Dowling

University of Chicago, BA Linguistics
Research interests: gesture, pragmatics and social skills, language development, discourse, middle childhood, urban education

Christine Elaine Fleener

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, B.S. Astronomy and Anthropology
Master's thesis: Exploring Behavioral Responses to Different Types of Novel Object in Free-range Infant Rhesus Macaques (Macaca mulatta)
Research: Comparative behavioral biology; the development and evolution of physical and social cognition in human and non-human animals

Rebecca Frausel

University of Colorado Boulder, B.A. Psychology and English Literature
Master's thesis: Higher-Order Thinking During Narrative and Pretend in Early Parent-Child Interactions
Research: Narrative and cognitive development, life story and narrative identity, autobiographical memory, parent-child interactions, higher-order thinking, learning/education

Talia Gordon

McGill University, B.A. International Development Studies
Wayne State University, M.A. Medical Anthropology
Master's Thesis: Present Futures: Possibilities for Selfhood at Community Mental Health Centre in Detroit, Michigan
Research: Medical anthropology, mental illness, recovery, forms of dependence, clinical ethnography

Resney Gugwor

Northeastern Illinois University, B.A. Psychology
University of Chicago, M.A. Social Sciences
Master’s thesis: Adolescents' Self-Perceptions of Civic Involvement: Adolescents speak on the Chicago Teacher's Union strike
Research: Civic engagement, civic identity formation, racial and ethnic identity, resilience, cultural psychology, political philosophy, civic education, educational stratification

Lorna Hadlock

New College of Florida, B.A. Anthropology and Latin American Studies
Research: Psychological anthropology, imagination, altered states of consciousness, dreaming, Latin America, Amazonia

Jennifer Hall

Syracuse University, B.A. African-American Studies
University of Chicago, M.A Social Work
Research: Psychological anthropology, African diaspora in the Americas

Amir Hampel

Lehigh University, B.A. Philosophy, English Literature
Research: Psychological and medical anthropology, cultural psychology, culture and anxiety, social identity, social anxieties, globalization, China

Keshia L. Harris

Spelman College, B.A. Psychology
Columbia University, M.A., Ed.M., Mental Health Counseling
Research: Role of Colorism in adolescent identity development, particularly among Afro-Brazilian youth and Latino and African American youth; U.S. and Brazil comparative studies; self-esteem; attitudes about physical attractiveness; satisfaction with skin color; role of skin color stratification in family, peer, and dating relationships.

Laura Horton

Carnegie Mellon University, B.Arch. Architecture, Linguistics
Research: Sign language linguistics; language and thought; discourse analysis; spatial language, grammar and cognition; homesign; village sign systems

Alexis Howard

Indiana University, B.S Neuroscience, B.A. Spanish
Research: Neoliberalism, vulnerability, aging and the life course, medical anthropology, cross-cultural psychiatry and psychopharmaceuticals, social impacts of neuroscience research, culture of care, Latin America (particularly Chile and Brazil)

Steven A. Jacobs

Northeastern Illinois University, B.A. Psychology
University of Chicago, M.A. Comparative Human Development
Research: The Role of Scientists' Knowledge in Public Debates

Helen Lee

University of Michigan, B.A. English, Political Science
University of Michigan, M.A. Educational Leadership & Policy
Research Interests: urban (re)development, community organizing and activism, education reform, critical consciousness formation, humanizing pedagogy, ethnic studies

Robert Miles Loomis

Bates College, B.A. Anthropology
Research: Socio-cultural and psychological anthropology; value, personhood and exchange; the family and kinship; youth and globalization; inter-subjectivity; social change and development; China

Emily Lyons

Cornell University, B.S. Biology and Society
Research: Learning, motivation, adolescent development, conceptions of self and identity development, testing anxiety, stereotype threat

Tasneem Mandviwala

University of Houston, B.A. Art History, English Literature, and Psychology
University of Houston, M.A. English Literature
Research: Socio-cultural development of bi-cultural and multi-cultural individuals, especially Muslim Americans; roles of gender and culture in the adolescent and young adult school experience

Paula Martin

University of Chicago, A.M. School of Social Service Administration
The Evergreen State College, B.A.
Tacoma Community College, A.A. Arts and Sciences
Research: Medical and Psychological Anthropology; Science and Technology Studies; LGBTQ Health; Youth; Embodiment; United States; Gender; Public Health; Ethnographic Methods

James Marvel-Coen

Williams College, B.A., Biology, English
Research: Behavioral biology, stress, behavioral endocrinology, development, and evolution in humans

Erin McFee

Boston University, BSBA Finance
Simmons College, MBA
Recent Conference Papers: "Producing the ‘Truth’ of the Colombian Conflict: An Analysis of Laws 975 and 1424 and the Selective Use of Quoted Ex-combatant Testimonies.” 2014 American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting (Chair, "Making sense of Change" panel for the Association of Political and Legal Anthropology). Washington, DC, USA.
Research: Anthropology of violence, memory, emotion, and trauma; transitional justice; Colombia, Latin America

Almaz Mesghina

Vanderbilt University, B.S. Psychology, Child Development
Research: Developmental psychology, educational psychology, achievement gap, young children of immigrants, environmental mediators, learning and technology

Miriam Midoun

Michigan State, B.S. Anthropology
Brown University, M.Sc Behavioral & Social Health Sciences
Research Interests: Medical and psychological anthropology; intersectionality; gender identity constructions; sexual subjectivity and sexual health; resilience and resistance; transnationalism, cultural pluralism, and human rights.

Sanja Miklin

Dartmouth College, B.A. Anthropology and Linguistics 
Research: Linguistic anthropology, language socialization, interpersonal conflict, violence and aggression, vulnerability and responsibility

Terence Mitchell

Marshall University, M.S. Adult and Technical Education
Research: developmental experiences of African American males during their transition from middle childhood into adolescence and young adulthood

Bronwyn Nichols

Northwestern University, B.A. Political Science
University of Chicago, M.A., International Relations
Research Interests: Postsecondary access and persistence for minority and low income students; Research methods; constructs of national identity among immigrant communities; Education policy

Nora Nickels

University of Notre Dame, B.S. Biological Sciences, Anthropology
Research: Behavioral biology, decision-making, economic game behavior, neuroeconomics, behavioral endocrinology, developmental social behavior

Carly Offidani-Bertrand

Arizona State University, B.S. Psychology
Master's Thesis: 'Hay Futuro porque Hay Presente' The House of Youth and the Precarious Politics of Cultural Intervention
Research: psychological anthropology and qualitative sociology, adolescence and early adulthood, agency and resilience, identity formation, and cultural education programs.

Krista Olson

Wellesley College, B.A. Psychology
Research Interests: adolescent social networks, school as a social context, urban education, stress in adolescence, educational inequality, educational sociology, social psychology.

Kristina Lynn Pagel

University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh, B.S. Psychology with minors in Biology, Chemistry, and Neuroscience
University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh, M.S. Experimental Psychology
Master's thesis: The Measurement of Cytokines in Examining Health and Well-Being during Aging
Research: Comparative behavioral biology; immune function; human development and health across the lifespan

Stephanie Palazzo

BA Franklin & Marshall College
Research Interests: Psychological anthropology, gender and sexuality, anthropology of religion and morality, identity formation

Ahmad Qadafi

Washington University, B.A. Philosophy, Neuroscience, Psychology
Research: Cultural and developmental psychology; linguistic anthropology; development of rhetorical and narrative competence in young adults; media, ideology and identity; semiotics; African diaspora

Kelsey London Robbins

Brown University, A.B. Late Antique Cultures
University of Chicago, M.A. Comparative Human Development
Research: Sociocultural anthropology; psychological anthropology; religion and secularism; nationalism; the family and kinship; fertility and reproduction; trauma and practices of healing; production and circulation of knowledge; Republic of Ireland

Camille Roussel

University of Toronto, B.A. International Development Studies
University of Toronto, M.A. Socio-cultural Anthropology
Master’s: Educating Q’eqchi’ Girls: The Role of Silence in Gendering Futures
Research: Indigeneity (particularly Mayan Q’eqchi’), gender, social identities and subjectivities, linguistic anthropology

Abena Gyamfuah Sarfo-Mensah

University of Connecticut, B.A. Psychology, Minor in Human Rights
Research: Environmental anthropology, development studies, cultural psychology, participatory action research, qualitative methods, West Africa, Ghana

Coltan Scrivner

Oklahoma Baptist University, B.A. Anthropology, minors in Biology and Natural Science
Thesis: Stress: A Biocultural Appraisal
University of Central Oklahoma, M.S. Forensic Biology/Chemistry
Thesis: Beyond DNA: An Epigenetic Approach to Identical Twin Identification
Research: Behavioral biology, biocultural anthropology, evolution of human social behavior, and behavioral endocrinology.

Sharon Seegers

University of California San Diego: Eleanor Roosevelt College, B.A. Political Science, Minor in Language Studies (American Sign Language)
Linguistic Society of America Member
Research: Sign language interpreting, relationships between communities, mediation and mediators, language standardization, language ideologies, language socialization, Vietnam

Marianna Staroselsky

Boston University, B.A. Psychology, French Language and Literature
Research: Identity development and performance, socioemotional development, voice, self and relationships, social imaginaries, diaspora and immigration, metacultural awareness, France, Brazil

Hilary Tackie

B.S. Cognitive Neuroscience and Africana Studies, Brown University 2013
Research Interests: Education, Middle to High School transition, developmental psychology, youth educational empowerment, belonging, school-community relations, race/ethnicity and gender, Black youth, neighborhood factors

Raffaella Taylor Seymour

Cambridge University, B.A. Archaeology & Anthropology
UK-US Fulbright Scholar (Recipient  of the Diamond Family Foundation Award)
Research Interests: Gender and sexuality, fertility, reproductive politics, ancestry, land and landscape, settler colonialism, youth and futurity, media and publics, political discourse and subjectivity, morality, Pentecostalism/Christianity. Southern Africa/Zimbabwe.

Elayne Teska

Carleton College, B.A. Psychology, Neuroscience
Research: early childhood education; socio-emotional development; cognitive development; early experience; stress/adversity; home environment; cross-cultural studies

Gabriel Velez

Harvard University, B.A. History and Literature, Certificate in Latin American Studies
Research: adolescent development, identity, cultural psychology, social psychology post conflict societies, Latin America (particularly Peru)

Emily Wilson

Lewis and Clark College, B.A. Psychology and Gender Studies
University of Michigan, Masters degree in Social Work (MSW)
Research: Intimacy, surrogacy, sexuality, therapy and care work.

Lily (Shenghe) Ye

University of Chicago, B.A. Linguistics
Research: Linguistic anthropology, science and math education, teachers, professionalization, complex institutions, science communication