Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association

Comparative Human Development at the AAA

For those of you who are planning to attend this year’s annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association (taking place December 3 -7 in Washington DC at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel) we’d like to let you know about several events and presentations by Comparative Human Development faculty and students.  (Follow the links for information about the date and time of each talk or session).


There will be two roundtable sessions honoring the work of Prof. Rick Shweder on Thursday Dec 4 and Friday Dec 5.  The sessions, titled “Universalism without uniformity” have been organized by two alumni of CHD’s PhD program, Julia Cassaniti and Usha Menon.  The first roundtable, “Best Practices?? Morality and Cultural Pluralism,” will take place from 11:00 AM to 12:14 PM on Thursday Dec 4 and will feature commentaries from CHD Prof. John Lucy, as well as Robert LeVine, Fuambai Sia Ahmadu, Pinky Hota, Thomas S Weisner, Jacob Hickman, and Stanton Wortham.  The second roundtable, “One Mind, Many Mentalities: Self, Health and Emotion ,” will take place on Friday December 5 from 2:30 to 4:15 PM and will include presentations from Jon Haidt, Paul Rozin, Tanya Luhrmann, Byron Good, Janis Jenkins, Charles Nuckolls, and Lene Jensen The second session will be followed by a "toast, roast and boast" dinner in Rick's honor hosted by Tanya Luhrmann and Hazel Markus.

Prof. John Lucy will be presenting a paper entitled “Language Structure and the Emergence of Self in Childhood,” He will also be participating in a roundtable session on the “Dilemmas and Complexities of Multilingual Fieldwork” and serving as a discussant for the session “Beyond perfection: Co-variation in language and communicative efficacy.”

Prof. Eugene Raikhel and Stephanie Lloyd will be presenting a co-authored paper titled “Trading Zones and Styles of Reasoning in Environmental Epigenetics,” as part of a panel which the two of them organized: “Assembling the biosocial: Embodied environments, health and modes of interdisciplinarity in the life sciences and anthropology.

CHD faculty affiliate Prof. Judith Farquhar will be presenting a paper on “The magic of the clinical” and taking part in a roundtable called “Why can't linguistic and medical anthropologists just get along?”

CHD faculty affiliate Prof. Summerson Carr will be presenting a talk titled “The Perils of Therapeutic Poetics,” and also will serve as a discussant on a panel “States of agency: On the creativity, conscience, and subjectivity of civil servants.”

Students and Alumni

A number of current and recently graduated CHD students will also be presenting their work at the conference. Here’s a list of presenters and the titles of their talks.

Les Beldo (PhD 2014): [the Struggle for] Whaling [Rights] Is Who We Are: Whaling and Makah Identity

Lindsay Conklin: Love Memes & Relationship Themes: Youth, Gender, and Courtship in Amman

Amir Hampel: Personality As a Locus of Anxious Cultural Critique in Contemporary Beijing

Laura Horton: Linguistic Innovation in Family Homesign Systems

Julia Kowalski (PhD 2014): Competing Cares: Promoting a Politics of Dependence in Jaipur, India

Zhiying Ma: Constructing Risks, Distributing Responsibilities: Negotiating Involuntary Hospitalization of Mentally Ill Patients in China

Erin McFee: The Contributions of Ex-Combatants from Illegal Armed Groups to the “Truth” of the Colombian Conflict: An Analysis of Laws 975 and 1424 and the Selective Use of Quoted Ex-Combatant Testimonies

Erin Moore: The Miniskirt Bill and the Scandal of Young Women in Urban Uganda

Aaron Seaman: Giving Care?: Exploring the Analytic of Care through an Examination of the “Caregiver”

Aaron Seaman: serving as discussant for Reflections on mind and body in the era of the 'cerebral subject'

Kimberly Walters: Humanitarian Truths: The Shifting Sands of Transnational Sympathy and the Knowing of Commercial Sex