Sarah Cashdollar


Dartmouth College, B.A. Anthropology
University of Chicago, M.A. Comparative Human Development
Research interests: Career and Technical Education; Sociology of education; Educational inequality; Vocationalism; Standards-based reform; Adolescent development; Identity formation; Mixed methods

Ashley Elizabeth Drake

Social Sciences Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago
Ph.D. 2020

Bucknell University, B.A. Psychology and Anthropology
University of Chicago, M.A. Comparative Human Development
Dissertation Thesis: Militarizing Affection: The Making of the Military Working Dog Team
Research interests: Medical anthropology; science and technology studies; multispecies ethnography; affect; embodiment; anthropology of the military; United States

Laura Horton

Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Linguistics, University of Texas-Austin
Ph.D. 2018

Laura Horton's work combines ethnographic, computational and linguistic elicitation methods and engages with the fields of linguistic anthropology, developmental psychology, language acquisition and education.

Dissertation: Conventionalization of Shared Homesign Systems in Guatemala: Social, Lexical and Morphophonological Dimensions

Lily (Shenghe) Ye

Gianinno Dissertation Write-Up Fellow, 2018-2019

University of Chicago, B.A. Linguistics

Research: semiotics, social studies of (social) science, data production, knowledge production, science communication, professions, US-Urban