Ashley Elizabeth Drake

Social Sciences Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago
Ph.D. 2020

RO 331B

Dissertation: Militarizing Affection: The Making of the Military Working Dog Team


Aron Marie

University of California San Diego, B.A. Political Science, Minor in Language Studies (American Sign Language)
Research interests: Deaf and disability studies, sign language interpreting, political movements, Vietnamese studies, linguistic anthropology, medical anthropology

Paula Martin


University of Chicago, A.M. School of Social Service Administration
The Evergreen State College, B.A.
Tacoma Community College, A.A. Arts and Sciences
Research interests: Transgender and gender studies; medical anthropology; science studies; feminist and queer theory; race and ethnicity in the United States; ethnographic methods; youth studies; temporality

Coltan Scrivner


Oklahoma Baptist University, B.A. Anthropology, minors in Biology and Natural Science
University of Central Oklahoma, M.S. Forensic Biology/Chemistry
Research interests: psychology of morbid curiosity; behavioral biology; emotion; evolution of human social behavior

Raffaella Taylor Seymour

Cambridge University, B.A. Archaeology & Anthropology
Dissertation: Intimate Rites: Localizing Queerness through Ancestral Spiritualities in Contemporary Zimbabwe (joint with Department of Anthropology).
Research Interests: Socio-cultural anthropology, gender and sexuality, religion and spirituality, subjectivity, ancestors, the politics of tradition, Christianity, land and landscapes. Southern Africa/Zimbabwe.

Hilary Tackie


Brown University, Sc.B. Cognitive Neuroscience and Africana Studies
Research interests: Sociology of education; teacher agency; race talk in schools; teacher-student relationships; critical pedagogy; curriculum studies

Shenghe (Lily) Ye

Social Sciences Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago
Ph.D. 2021

RO 318H

Dissertation:  Talking science to schools: Organizing the research-practice nexus in early 21st century American education