Fulden Arisan

Bogazici University, B.A., Sociology
Istanbul Technical University M.A., Ethnomusicology
Research interests: Deaf and disability studies; anthropology of senses; care; medical anthropology; body and embodiment; sound studies; gender and sexuality; family and kinship; Turkey and the Middle East; queer studies.

Zoe Berman

New York University, B.A. Anthropology
University of Chicago, M.A. Social Sciences
Research interests: sociocultural and medical anthropology; memory; trauma; generations; youth; Rwanda.

Uma Blanchard

Bowdoin College, B.A. Anthropology
Research interests: Adolescence; mental health; categories of distress; race/ethnicity; gender; youth development practice; educational inequality

Angel Boulware

Spelman College, B.A. Sociology
Research interests: Child and Adolescent Development; health disparities; education; trauma; community violence; socio-determinants of health; black girlhood studies

Tracy Brannstrom

Mount Holyoke College, B.A. Anthropology
University of California, Berkeley, M.A. Folklore
Research interests: Medical and psychological anthropology, ethnographic methods, alternative forms of medicine, addiction

Hae Min Byeon

Georgetown University, B.A. Psychology and Sociology
Research interests: Culture, multiculturalism, bilingualism, linguistic minorities, identity, socio-emotional well-being, acculturation, charitable giving

Abby Clements

Swarthmore College, B.A. in Neuroscience & Linguistics, Psychology & Linguistics Departments
Research Interests: Neural basis of language, Protactile, American Sign Language

Melina Gioconda Davis

Barnard College, B.A. Political Science
Research interests: Sexuality, gender, sex education, pleasure, intimacy, sexual subjecthood, social movements, transnational knowledge production, Mexico

Isabella Di Giovanni

Cornell University, B.A. Linguistics and Psychology
Research interests: psycholinguistics, language learning and development, cross-linguistic and cross-cultural comparison, endangered language revitalization

Farhia Farah

University of Toronto, B.A. English, Religion, History
Univeristy of Toronto, M.A. Study of Religion
Research interests: Religion, identity, sexuality, race, gender, digital media, geograph (third spaces), community development, ethographic methods

Talia Gordon

McGill University, B.A. International Development Studies
Wayne State University, M.A. Medical Anthropology
Master's Thesis: Present Futures: Possibilities for Selfhood at Community Mental Health Centre in Detroit, Michigan
Research interests: Medical anthropology, mental illness, recovery, forms of dependence, clinical ethnography

Lorna Hadlock

New College of Florida, B.A. Anthropology and Latin American Studies
Research interests: Psychological anthropology, imagination, altered states of consciousness, dreaming, Latin America, Amazonia

Xue Han

China Agricultural University, B.A. Sociology
Rennin University of China, M.A. Sociology
University of Chicago, M.A. Social Sciences
Research interests: Cultural psychology; psychological anthropology; Tibetan's moral development; mental illness and health; LGBTQ+

Arvind Ilamaran

National Institute of Technology, B.Tech. Instrumentation and Control
University of Chicago, M.A. Public Policy

Yuchen Jin

Zhejiang University, B.A. Education
Harvard University, Ed.M. Human Development and Psychology
Research interests: parent-child interaction, child lingusitic and communicative development, socio-cognitive development, cross-cultural comparison

John Michael Jurgensen

Boston University, B.A., Philosophy
Research Interests: Behavioral biology, evolutionary immunology, behavioral ecology, philosophy of science

Alex Koenig

Harvard University, B.A. Social Studies
Research interests: Sociology of education; educational inequality; adolescent development; transient youth; organizational sociology; school-community relations; civic engagement; mixed methods.

Mengyuan (Amy) Liang

Zhejiang University, B.Mgmt. Labor & Social Security
University of Chicago, M.A. Public Policy

Zihao Lin

Sun Yat-Sen University, Communication
Freie Universitat Berlin, M.A. Media and Political Communication
Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin, M.A. Research Training in Social Sciences

Master’s thesis: "Watching Your Voice is Not a Dream". Practicalities of Envisioning and Disabled Startuping in Southern China
Research interests: Anthropology of Disability and Deafness; Science and Technology Studies; Senses and Mediated Communication; Digital Application; Sign Language; Voice Recognition Technology; China

Ilqua Lutfi

University of Virginia, B.A. South Asian Studies & Global Development Studies
University of Chicago, M.A. Social Sciences
Research interests: Sociocultural anthropology; domestic labor; intimacy; class and caste relations; aesthetics, spaces and materiality; subjectivity; urban South Asia; Pakistan

Erika Prado

University of California, Santa Barbara, B.A. Psychology
Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellow and National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow
Research interests: Linguistic anthropology; human interaction; embodied communication; autism; bilingualism; Spanish; Latinx children and youth

Anna Prior

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, B.A. Sociocultural and Linguistic Anthropology
University of Oxford, MPhil. Medical Anthropology
Master's Thesis: On “becoming” traumatized: A critical exploration of DSM as boundary infrastructure
Research Interests: medical and psychological anthropology; knowledge practices; semiotics and discourse analysis; global mental health; immigration; trauma; biopolitics.

Johan Rocha

Texas A&M University, B.A. English Rhetoric & Composition
Harvard University, M.Ed. International Comparative Education

Gyamfuah Sarfo-Mensah

University of Connecticut, B.A. Psychology, Minor in Human Rights
Research interests: Environmental anthropology, development studies, cultural psychology, participatory action research, qualitative methods, West Africa, Ghana


Hera Shakil

Christ University, B.A. Communication and Media, English, and Psychology
Harvard University, Ed.M. Human Development and Psychology
Research interests: Social and cultural psychology; development of political identity and ideology; inter-group conflict and religious nationalism; historical narratives and memory; education and South Asia.

Graham Steffen

Case Western Reserve University, B.A.  Anthropology & History
University of Chicago, M.A. Social Sciences
Master's Thesis:  Before Liberation: An Exploratory Ethnography of Gay Elders in New York
Research interests: Medical anthropology; gender and sexuality; social gerontology; age studies; queer studies; embodiment; temporality; HIV/AIDS; trauma and healing; care work

Emilia Szmyrgala

University of California-Los Angeles, B.A. Psychology, minor in Applied Developmental Psychology
Research interests: Child and adolescent development; trauma; working memory; educational equity; student learning trajectories in COVID-19 pandemic

Ashley Uphoff

College of Saint Benedict, B.A. Social Science and Secondary Education
University of Chicago, M.A. Social Science and Education & Society
Research interests: School choice, segregation, adolescent development, educational inequality

Shruti Vaidya

Fergusson College (Pune), B.A. Psychology
Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Mumbai), M.A. Women's Studies
Research interests: Anthropology of disability; intellectual disability; gender and sexuality studies; care and expertise; South Asian studies

Ana Vasan

Vanderbilt University, B.S. Cognitive Studies, Philosophy
Research interests: Restorative practices in education, race/racism in schooling, adolescent development, social inequality

Chengwen Zheng

University of Calgary, B.Com. Finance
Renmin University of China, M.A. History
University of Chicago, M.A. Social Sciences