Lecturers and Postdoctoral Researchers

Lecturers and Postdoctoral Researchers

Basia Ellis

Post Doctoral Fellow

Office: RO 331B

Dr. Ellis is a Post Doctoral Fellow with Professor Richard Shweder.


She is a postdoctoral scholar who is studying the everyday lives of undocumented youth living in Chicago. Her research traces how unequal sociocultural and political contexts shape the possibilities for social and psychological life, as well as how persons create new social spaces despite/because of their unique social challenges and opportunities. 

Shuqing Liu

Visiting Scholar

Office: RO 331B

Dr. Liu is a Visiting Scholar with Professor Richard Shweder.

She is interested in human mind and behavior in cultural and social psychology. Specifically her research primarily focuses on visual aesthetics, emotion, social cognition, user experience, customer behaviors and their cross-cultural studies. 

Cecile Vigouroux

Visiting Associate Professor

Office: RO 318 I

Professor Cecile Vigouroux is a Visiting Associate Professor of sociolinguistics from Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada who will be with the Department of Comparative Human Development for the 2016 - 17 Academic Year. Her scholarship focuses on transnational identity formation, the reshaping of linguistic ideologies, sociocultural transformations triggered by new forms of mobility, socioeconomic inequalities, the impact of informal economy on language practices, and La Francophonie.