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Summer 2021

Resney Gugwor; “Making Ends Meet”: The Structuring Role of Financial Distress as Black and Latinx Emerging Adults Enter College

Sanja Miklin; Containing 'Suicide': Scientific, Public and Political Aspects of a Moral Problem

Bronwyn Nichols Lodato; Riding the (Shock)Wave: Diverse Young Adult Phenomenological Processes and Postsecondary Experiences through the Great Recession and COVID-19

Emily Wilson; Friendly Welfare: Care after Austerity in Northern England

Kelsey Robbins; Remaking Irish Catholicism: Moral Authority, Reproductive Politics, and the State

Spring 2021

Sarah Cashdollar; Career and Technical Education in the Era of College and Career Readiness: Influences on Youth Postsecondary Aspirations in ‘Oaksburg, USA’

Elayne Vollman; Pedagogical Practices to Support Higher Order Thinking During Proportional Reasoning

Almaz Mesghina; From Distress to “Eustress”: Contextual and Cognitive Factors in the Arousal-Performance Relationship

Spring 2020

Ashley Drake; Militarizing Affection: The Making of the Military Working Dog Team

Jennifer Hall; Parenting within the Hyperghetto Carceral Complex: Making Meaning of Youth Behavior and Parental Identity

Winter 2020

Kristina Pagel; Biological and Psychosocial Aspects of Cardiovascular Disease: Validating and Analyzing Cytokines in Older U.S. Adults

Summer 2019

Alexis Howard; The role of sociocultural content in shaping disability outcomes among aging Latinos in the United States: A mixed methods approach

Carly Offidani-Bertrand; Understanding Collective Adaptation to External Threat: A Case Study of a Mixed Status Immigrant Community in Chicago

Christine Fleener; Growing up Rhesus: A dynamic systems approach to spatial cognitive development and early experience in free-ranging rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta)

David Aftab Ansari; Dare to be a future therapist”: Uncertainty and apprenticeship in mental health services for immigrants and refugees in Paris, France.

Emily Anne Lyons;  Learning under Pressure: Stereotype Threat and Evaluative Performance Pressure in the Mathematics Classroom

Erin McFee; An Ambivalent Peace: Mistrust, Reconciliation, and the Intervention Encounter in

Gabe Velez; Conceptualized Peace: A Study of Columbian Adolescents' Meaning Making and Civic Development

Laura Horton; Conventionalization of Shared Homesign Systems in Guatemala: Social, Lexical and Morphophonological Dimensions

Nadxieli Toledo Bustamante; Socializing Attention, Emerging Participation and Language Choice: Three Case Studies in Juchitán, Oaxaca, Mexico

Nora Catherine Nickels; The Relationship between acute psychosocial stress, hormones, cognition, and social behavior in men and women

Steven Jacobs; Balancing Abortion Rights and Fetal Rights: A Mixed Methods Mediation of the U.S. Abortion Debate

Tasneem Mandviwala; That Thing on Their Heads: How Muslim American Women Became Navigators of a New Culture

Summer 2018

Rita Sophia Biagoli; When Perceiving and Thinking about Reality as Relational Motivates Ritual Behavior: A Study of How Bengali Hindus in the U.S. and in India (Come to) Cognize Gods as Material

Rebecca Rose Frausel; Narratives of Personal Experience in Early Parent-Child Interactions: Developmental Trajectories and Relations to Higher-Order Thinking

Keshia Lynette Harris; "Somos Uma Salada de Fruta": Adolescent Achievement in Utopian Brazilian and Colombian Structures of Opportunity

Amir Hampel; From Mask to Mirror: Self as Object in Chincese Popular Psychology                                                 

Summer 2017

Seamus Power; From the elites to the streets: the psychology of democracy and economic inequality

Spring 2017

Michael Chladek; Making Monks, Making Men: The Role of Buddhist Monasticism in Shaping Northern Thai Identities

Sean Coyne; The Ontogeny of Sexual Maturation: Factors Affecting the Development of Sexual Signal Production, Perception, and Behavior in Adolescent Female Rhesus Macaques

Xu Qin; Causal Mediation Analysis in Multi-Site Trials

Talia Weiner; Home of the Blues: The Political Economy of Mood Disorder, Self-Management in 21st Century Chicago

Autumn 2016

Zhiying Ma; Insanity, Intimacy, and Institution: Governance and Care Under the Mental Health Legal Reform in Contemporary China

Summer 2016

Christopher Collins; Regulatory Focus in the Context of Work: The Social Impact of Promotion Tactics

Erin Moore; Translating Girl's Empowerment: Gender, Adolescence, and Transnational NGOs in Urban Uganda

Aaron T. Seaman; Figuring Families: Caregiving in the Midst of Alzheimer's Disease

Spring 2016

Jonathon Anthony Medrano; Nin Kinigawabimin-Niiso-Icicahiyal/ Cultural Amalgamization: The Transformation and Expression of Spirituality and Identity in the Native American Urban Context

Winter 2016

Kamaya M. Jones; Teaching 'Neka: An Exploratory Study of Teacher-Student Relationships at One High-Achieving Urban Public School

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Summer 2015

Cassie Freeman; The Effect of Parental Input on the Development of Higher Order Thinking in Young Children

Nicole Martinez-Martin; Bad to the Brain: Neuroscience, Responsibility and the Criminal Justice System

Spring 2015

David Kern; Olfactory Function And the Physical, Cognitive, and Social Health Of The Aging Population Of the United States

Joseph Tennant; Harm and Non-Harm Moral Judgments and Justifications In Two American Religious Groups

Kimberly Walters; Our Family Girls: From Sex Work to Sex Trafficking in South India

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Autumn 2014

Antonie Dvorakova; Beyond the “Two-Worlds” Conundrum: Native American Scholars’ Experience.

Summer 2014

Les Beldo; Logics of Sacrifice: An Ethnography of the Makah Whaling Conflict

Spring 2014

Erin Behnke; Exploring Reflective Function, Attachment, Risk, and Substance Abuse

John Davy; Making Christian Marriages, Making Marriage Christian: Megachurch Evangelicalism and Marriage Education.

Julia Kowalski; Claiming Care: Family Counseling and Women's Rights in Northwestern India.”

Tara Mandalaywala; Effects of Early Life Experience on Infant Rhesus Macaque Cognition and Stress Physiology

Teo Reyes; From oxytocin to altruism: A neurobiology of parental love as a mechanism for allocooperation in humans

Winter 2014

Mike Kaufman; The Illusory Promise of Professional Success in the Shadow of Social Development: A 46 Year Longitudinal Study of Harvard College Students From Late Adolescence to Late Midlife

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Summer 2013

Deanna Barenboim; Belonging Out of Place: Navigating ‘Illegality’ and Indigeneity in Migrant Maya California

Susan Bullivant; Perception of emotion in faces: mood, personality, menstrual cycle phase and breastfeeding chemosignals

Daryl Dugas; Becoming Adult/Becoming Teacher: Classroom Management as a Site of Tension in Negotiating Emerging Identities

Christine Nutter El Ouardani; Discipline and Development: Negotiating Childhood and Authority in Rural Morocco

Allison Fasoli; Moral psychology and the socialization of helping in evangelical Christian families

Jay Williams; Cultural Performance: The Personal and Collective Negotiation of Ethnic Identity through Powwow and Taiko Drumming in Chicago

Spring 2013

Jason Bruck; New perspectives on dolphin whistles: evaluating signal context, categorization and memory

Sarah Sellergren Dunn; Living with increased risk for breast and ovarian cancer: do religion and spirituality influence health behavior?

Ilaina Goldwert; Somatic hope: practice, persuasion & the body-self in North American yoga therapy

Katherine Jenness; The Collapsing Self: Psychoanalysis in American Life, 1946 to the Present

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Autumn 2012

Lilah Shapiro; Driven to Orthodoxy: Jewish Identity and Narratives of Exceptionalism, Essentialism, and the Family in American Jewish Culture as Motivations for "Conversion" to Orthodox Judaism

Summer 2012

Elise Berman; Children Have Nothing to Hide: Deception, Age, and Avoiding Giving in the Marshall Islands

Amy Cooper; Vital Politics: Medicine and Citizenship in Venezuela

Elizabeth Fein; The Machine Within: An Ethnography of Asperger's Syndrome, Biomedicine, and the Paradoxes of Identity and Technology in the Late Modern United States

Spring 2012

Ryoko Imai; Charity begins abroad: Considerations of when to give, when not to give, and who is worthy

Layla Kassem; Psychotherapy Between Two Cultures: A Portrait of Psychotherapists in Egypt

Pinky Hota; Affecting Violence: Development, Religion and Indigeneity in Kandhamal

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Autumn 2011

Rachel Brezis; Social and Non-Social Memory in Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders

James Goss; Speech-gesture Mismatches and Dynamic Coordination I Schizophrenia

Samantha Bergmann; Who Wears the Pants?: Family Roles, Gender Role Identity, and Relationship Quality Among Female Co-Parenting Couples

Summer 2011

Johanne Eliacin; An Ethnography of the "Epidemic" of Schizophrenia among individuals of African-Caribbean Heritage in England

Jacob Hickman; Morality and Personhood in the Hmong Diaspora: A Person-Centered Ethnography of Resettlement

Amy Sousa; Pragmatic Ethics, Sensible Care: Psychiatry and Schizophrenia in North India

Spring 2011

Hallie Kushner; Substance Users and the Psychiatric Role of the Emergency Department

Winter 2011

Greg Thompson; Involving Identity: a study of the effects of identity in-interaction on the involvement of tutees in the tutoring encounter

Ben Smith; Language and the Formation of Masculine Potency in Peruvian Aymara Boyhood

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Autumn 2010

Jeff Mosenkis; Understanding the Bamboo Ceiling: Culture and East Asian Barriers to U.S. Workplace Promotion

Summer 2010

Sevda Numanbayraktaroglu; Language, Self and Context: Sociohistorical Constitution and Interactional Actualization of the Self through Discourse Genres; The case of Turkish Heteroglossia

Lara Braff; Re/conceiving Personhood: The Localization of Assisted Reproductive Technologies in Mexico City

Christy Hoffman; Costs of reproduction among rhesus macaque females on Cayo Santiago

Spring 2010

Matthew Bird; The Other Paths: Cultural Economics, Comparative Economic Performance, and the Formation of Capitalist Mentalities in Lima Peru

Jason Ingersoll; Depression, Subjectivity, and the Embodiment of Suffering in Urban Reform China

Shana Fruehan Sandberg; Embodying Intimacy: Premarital Romantic Relationships, Sexuality, and Contraceptive Use Among Young Women in Contemporary Tokyo

Yoon Lee; Examination of 12-month-old infant coping behavior: A longitudinal study of relations, among parenting behavior, infant coping behavior, and infant problem behavior

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Autumn 2009

Barnaby Riedel; The Character Conjuncture: Islamic Education and its Social Reproduction in the United States

Summer 2009

Bianca Dahl; Left Behind? Orphaned Children and the Politics of Kinship, Culture, and Caregiving during Botswana's AIDS Crisis

Neely Myers; Culture of Recovery? Schizophrenia, the United states Mental Health Care System, and the American Ethos of the Self-Made Man

Spring 2009

Guy Fricano; Max Weber's theory of Charisma and the Catholic Charismatic Renewal: An examination of fit leading to a proposed complementariness with Mircea Eliade's Phenomenology of Religion

Lara Perez Felkner; Cultivating College Dreams: Social Pathways to Educational Attainment

Winter 2009

Julia Cassaniti; Control in a world of change: Emotion and Morality in a Northern Thai town

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Autumn 2008

Jason Yee; Health and Sociality: Exploring Bi-Directional Relationships Between Behavior and Physiology form a Systems Perspective

Summer 2008

Wenping Xue; Meaning in transmission: A case study of the psychological consequences of globalized consumption in China

Sami Abuhamdeh; What Makes an Intrinsically Motivated Activity Intrinsically Motivated: The Role of Challenge

Spring 2008

Marrow, Jocelyn; Psychiatry, Modernity and Family Values: Clenched Teeth Illness in North India

Winter 2008

Phillips, Sarah Van Deusen; When Looking is Listening: Gesture, Multi-Modal Language, and the Socialization of Deaf Children in Castellano-Speaking Families

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Autumn 2007

Stephanie Sosa; Emotion Display Rules and Well-Being in Small Town Yucatan: How Adaptive Emotion Response Alternatives Vary By Cultural Context.

Christina Honde; The Relation of Atypical Maternal Behavior ("Disruptive Communication") to Maternal Risk Factors and Infant Attachment

Summer 2007

Annette Iskra; Nobody Wins: Psychological Effects of War and Repatriation in Croatia

Karen Ahmed; The "Business" of Culture: Morality and Practice in Islamic Finance

Winter 2007

Jessica Whitham; The Grunt and Girney Vocalizations of Free-Ranging Female Rhesus Macaques

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Autumn 2006

Brent Finger; Exploring the Intergenerational Transmission of Attachment Disorganization

Phillip Hammack; The Narrative Stalemate: Conflict, Identity and the Cultural Psychology of Israeli and Palestinian Adolescence

Summer 2006

Juliet Bromer; Beyond child care: The family support and community roles of African-American child care providers

Spring 2006

Nadia Persun; Choosing Marriage or Cohabitation: Understanding Psychosocial Precedents and Effects on Personal and Relationship Satisfaction

Joseph Calabrese; Mirror of the Soul: Cultural Psychiatry, Moral Socialization and the Development of the Self in the Native American Church

Randall Horton; Refining Theory and Practice in the Cultural Psychology of Emotion: Tibetan "Anger" and the Roots of the Modern Tibetan Commitment to Non-Violence

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Autumn 2005

Manasi Tirodkar; Adaptations of Contemporary Ayurvedic Medical Practice in Urban India

Summer 2005

Doug Novotny; The Interpersonal Significance of Conflicting Messages in Couple Communication: An Examination of Relational Patterns Among Adolescent African-American Expectant Parents in Chicago

Spring 2005

Pam Zuker; Working Marriages: Marital Interaction, Flow, and Marital Satisfaction

Richard Epstein; Beyond the Yellow Door: Outcome and Follow-Up Studies in a Residential Treatment Center

Suzanne Pelka; Lesbian Couples Using In-Vitro Fertilization to Co-Mother: A Cultural Study of Biological Ties

Amy Abramson; Playing with Power: An Exploratory Study of How Generation and Gender are Linked to Assertvie Behavior in Mother-Child Interaction in African-American families

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Autumn 2004

Jacqueline Allen; From “Stinkin” Thinkin’” to “Easy Does It”: Narratives of Enculturation and Psychological Transformation in Alcoholics Anonymous

Summer 2004

Andrew Guest; Cultural processes of psychosocial competence and middle childhood: Play, self-esteem, and teamwork in two distinct impoverished communities

Elizabeth Davies; Retrospective Reevaluation of Personally Salient Events: A Longitudinal Study

Melissa Singer; Gesture speech Mismatches During Instruction and Learning: Handing Out More Information

Aarti Pyati; Going the Cultural Distance: Worldview-relevant counseling at India’s Premiere Psychiatric Institute

Spring 2004

David Gortner; Varieties of Young Adult Personal Theologies: Content, formative Influences, and Current Relationships to Everyday Life

Winter 2004

Will Bennis; Experience, Values, Beliefs, and the Sociocultural Context In Gambling Decision Making: A Field Study of Casino Blackjack

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Autumn 2003

Gretchen Hermes; The Embodiment of Social Isolation: Bio-Behavioral Systems, Pre-Disease Pathways, and Patterns of Aging

Jill Reichman; The Relationship of Acculturation and Folk Medical Beliefs IN Recently Emigrated Mexican Nationals

Christine Glover; What Women Want: The Role of the Social Environment on Romantic Partner Preferences

Summer 2003

Ernst Karel; Kerala Sound Electricals: Amplified Sound and Cultural Meaning in South India

Mary McDonald; A Phenomenological Study of Adult Development: Older Women, Growth Seeking, and Experiencing Turning Point Events

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Autumn 2002

Ning Wang (Ph.D. Psych/HD); The Making of a Market Economy: The Institutional Transformation of a Freshwater Fishery in a Chinese Community

Shaifali Sandhya (Ph.D. Psych/HD); A Study of Hindu Married Couples: The Role of Family Living Arrangements and Gender in Maintaining Happiness and Well-Being

Brigitta Stolpe; Cultural endocrinology: Menarch, Modernity and the Transformative Powers of Social Reconfigurations

Summer 2002

Jeanne Nakamura (Ph.D. Psych:HD); Sustaining Engagement: Continuity and Change into Later Life

Andrew Harlem (Ph.D. Psych:HD); The Making of the 'Culturally Competent" Psychologist: A Study of Educational Discourse and Practice

James Roney (Ph.D. Psych:HD); Psychological and Hormonal Responses of Men to Sensory Cues form Women. (William Henry Prize)

Winter 2002

Ruvanee Pietersz (Ph.D. Psych:HD/Mental Health Research); Making the Connection: Psychosocial Well-Being Group Psychotherapy and On-Line Support Groups for Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer

Lisa Hoogstra (Ph.D. Psych:HD); Divergent Paths after High School: Transitions to College and Work

Kneia DaCosta (Ph.D. Psych:HD); Eyes on the Prize or Head in the Sand?: Urban Black Adolescents’ Constructions of the Future

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Autumn 2001

Leann Helka Kinnunen (Psych, Human Development); Evidence Concerning the Etiology of Sexual Orientation in Human Males: Differential Effects of Fluoxetine on Cerbral Glucose Metabolism of Exclusively Homosexual and Exclusively Heterosexual Men

Grant Jewell Rich (Psych:HD ); Aspiring Adolescents: Optimal Career Development

Andrew Jon Hostetler (Psych:HD ); Single Gay Men: Psychology Well-Being, Cultural Models of Adult Developments and the Meaning of Being Single by Choice

Michael Craig Joseph (Psych:HD ); The Virtues as a Cultural Domain: a Study of Arabic-Speaking Muslims

Jeremy Paul Hunter (Psych:HD ); Vital Powers and Wasted Possibilities; Engaged and Bored Teenagers in America

Ruvanee Pietersz (Psych:HD ); Making the Connection: Psychosocial Well-Being Group Psychotherapy and On-Line Support Groups for Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer

Eleonora Bartoli (Psych:HD/Mental Health Research ); Psychoanalytic Practice and the Religious Patient: The Politics of Agency and Responsibility

Spring 2001

Natasha Anne Spencer (Human Development); Diversity in Human Ovarian Aging: Social and Race-Linked Context of Reproductive Aging in Women

Winter 2001

Sue Hyun Bae (Human Development); The Experience of Professional Autonomy among Psychotherapists in Korea and the West

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Autumn 2000

Michael Jenuine (Psych/Human Development); Narratives of Suicidal Adolescents

Andrew Suth (Human Development); Adolescent Fathers: The Meanings of Their Experience and Their Commitment to Fatherhood

Spring 2000

Jadwiga E. Furdyna (Psych/Human Development); Parential Behavioral Control in Response to Neighbohood Adversity: Postitive and Negative Effects on Adolescent Rick Behavior, Peer Relationships, and Emotional Wellbeing

Erica Reischer (Human Development); Muscling In: The Female Body Aestthetic and WomenÕs Roles in Contemporary American Society

Jerome Richardson (Psych/Human Development); Maternal Teaching Strategies: Their Impact beyond the Task Being Taught

Winter 2000

Patrick Robin Tempest Nicoletti (Psych/Human Development); The Impact of Social Status on Preschoolers Display of Direct and Ritualized Responses to Peer Conflict

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Autumn 1999

Michael Axelman (Psych/Human Development); The Rational Experiences of African-American Adolescents and the Role of Significant Adults: An Examination of Teenage Lives During the Transition to High School

Summer 1999

Michele E. J. Koven (Psych: Human Development); French-Portuguese BilingualsÕ Enactments of Self In Two Languages

Spring 1999

David Scott DeBoer (Psych: Human Development); Vicissitudes of Hope in the Lazarus Effect: Psychological Responses of HIV-Positive Gay Men in the Post Era of HIV and AIDS

Lawrence Gianinno (Psych: Human Development); ChildrenÕs Understandings of Everyday Economic Practices

Winter 1999

Judith Marsha Mintz (Psych: Human Development); The Social Construction of Self-esteem: Narrative Discourse Practices among Parents and Preschool Children in a Middle-class European-American Community

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Autumn 1998

Lihanna Borhan (Psych: Human Development); Self-Image of Malaysian Adolescents

Nicole Brodsky (Psych: Human Development); Art Imitates Life Imitates Art : Evolving Themes in the Lives and Works of Creative Artists

Jody Futorian-Salzman (Psych/Human Development); Culture and Deafness: Influences on the Mother-Child Interaction

Sean Patrick Larvie (Psych: Human Development); Managing Desire: Sexual, Citizenship and AIDS in the Contemporary Brazilian

John Douglas Patton (Psych: Human Development); Exploring the Relative Outcomes of Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Factors of Entropy and Order in Adolescence

Jennifer Schmidt (Psych: Human Development); Overcoming Challenges: Exploring the Role of Action, Experience, and Opportunity in Fostering Resilience among Adolescents

David Paul Smith (Psych: Human Development); Patterns of Religion Experience among Psychotherapists and their Relation to Therapeutic Orientation

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Autumn 1997

Brian Schiff (Psychology: Human Development); Telling Survival and the Holocaust

Summer 1997

Kiyoshi Asakawa (Human Development); The Experience of Interdependence and Independence in the Self-Construal Asian American and Caucasian American Adolescents: Feelings, of Connectedness and Academic Motivation

Spring 1997

Pei-Lin Huang (Psych: Human Development); Family Context and Social Development in Adolescence

Janet Walker (Psych: Human Development); Manufacturing Reality: Gender, Culture, and the Resolution of Everyday Moral Conflicts

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Autumn 1996

Joel Hektner (Psych: Human Development); Exploring Optimal Personality Development: A longitudinal Study of Adolescents

Barbara Kirshner Parks (Psych: Human Development); Flow, Boredom, and Anxiety in Therapeutic Work: A Study of Psychotherapists Intrinsic Motivation and Professional Development

Summer 1996

Sung Aie Christina Choi(Human Development); The Survival Strategies of Middle-Aged Women in Korea

Eunsun Joo (Psych: Human Development); The Psychotherapeutic Relationship in Korea: Cross-National and Internal Cultural Comparison

Spring 1996

Lene Arnett Jensen (Psych: Human Development); Different Habits, Different Hearts: Orthodoxy and Progressivism in the United States and India

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Autumn 1995

Carol Ann Mockros, (Psych: Human Development); The Social Construction of Extraordinary Selves: A Life Span Study of Creative Individuals

Summer 1995

Ronan Surtida Bernas (Psych: Human Development); Choosing and Maintaining a Position oin a Socio-moral Issue: An Argumentative Reasoning Approach

In-Soo Choe (Human Development); Motivation, Subjective Experience, Family and Academic Achievement in Korean High School Students

Katherina Charle Corcoran (Human Development); Perceptions of Self-Change in Adolescent Development from an Interpersonal Therapeutic Perspective

Janet Dianne Voight (Psych: Human Development); The Relation of Positive and Negative Social Network Characteristics to the Adjustment of Low-Income, African-American Mothers

Spring 1995

Usha Menon (Human Development); Receiving and Giving: Distributivity as the Source of Women's Wellbeing

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Autumn 1994

Barbara Elizabeth Glaessner (Psych: Human Development); Bilingual Children in School: The Negotiation of Language Use in a First Grade Classroom

Summer 1994

Karen Alta Freel (Human Development); The Guardians of Childhood Safety: The Role of Parents in Injury Prevention

Robert Keith Sawyer (Human Development); The Performance of Pretend Play: Enacting Peer Culture in Conversation

Catherine Mary Webb (Human Development); Recollected Early Life Experience and Hardiness

Spring 1994

Susanne Marie Cox (Psych: Human Development); Attachment in Preterm Infants and Their Mothers: Neonatal Risk Status and Maternal Representations

Helen LaCrosse Levesque (Psych: Human Development); Women's Definitions of Feminity: An Investigation of Social Class Differences

Olin Eugene Myers, Jr. (Human Development); Young Children's Sense of Connection to Animals: The Developmental Basis of an Ecological Self

Dorothy LTaylor (Human Development); The "I" Entity: A Treatise on the Self-Other Relation

Winter 1994

Douglas Norman Bell (Psych: Human Development); Meetings on the Horizon of Meanings: A Cultural Analysis of Adolescents "Reading" AIDS

Heidi-Han-Tih Fung (Psych: Human Development); The Socialization of Shame in Young Chinese Children

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Spring 1993

Maria Mei-Ha Wong (Psych: Human Development); Autonomy, Quality of Experience, and Academic Performance

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Autumn 1992

Lauren S. Wakschlag (Psych: Human Development); Intergenerational Continuities: The Influence of Mother-Grandmother Relationships on Parenting in the African-American Young Mother Families.

Summer 1992

Eric Stephen De Vos (Psych: Human Development); Complications of Labor: Newborn Behavioral Correlates, and Prenatal Psychological Mediation.

Stanton Emerson Fisher Wortham (Human Development); Participant Examples and Classroom Interaction.

Spring 1992

Malcolm K. Brachman, Jr. (Human Development); Effects of Patient and Therapist Age and Gender on Psychotherapeutic Process in Early Sessions: Patients' Experiences of Relationships and Involvement.

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Summer 1991

John Joseph Daly (Human Development); Magical Thinking in Everyday Life: Coping with Lung Cancer

Nancy House Nordmann (Human Development); An Autogenetic Approach to Interpersonal Development

Spring 1991

Cynthia Marie Dell Clark (Psych: Human Development); The Cultural Psychology of Christmas and Easter-with Special Reference to Children

Norma Davila (Psych: Human Development); Patients' Experiences of Therapeutic Support Early in Treatment: The Effects of Current Social Network, General Expectations, and Anticipated Difficulties on Patients' Evaluations and Response to Individual Psychotherapy

Winter 1991

Lisa Sharon Lombard (Psych: Human Development); Narcissistic Consequences of Female Infertility: Disruption and Restoration

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Autumn 1990

Linda Mae Fitzgerald (Human Development); Contributions of Home and Child Care to Competence in Early Childhood

Maria Ann Sullivan (Psych: Human Development); The Cultural Meanings of Mental Illness: Depression and Alcoholism Among the Irish

Summer 1990

Andrew Mark Boxer (Human Development); Life Course Transitions of Gay and Lesbian Youth: Sexual Identity of Development and Parent-Child Relationships

Mark Patrick Ham (Psych: Human Development); Competence in Daily Living: A Study of Children and Adolescents at Risk for Depression

Roger J. R. Levesque (Psych: Human Development); Adolescents in Love: An Exploration of Adolescent Love Experiences across and within Five Socio-Cultural Groups

Susan Ann Pickett (Psych: Human Development); Parental Burden and a Chronically Mentally Ill Offsprings' Vocational Outcome: Exploring the Connections

Spring 1990

Marcelli Raffaelli (Psych: Human Development); Sibling Conflict in Early Adolescence

Winter 1990

Lonna K. Brooks (Psych: Human Development); Temperament in Five- and Six-Year-Old Anglo-American, Korean-American, and Adopted Korean Children

Nancy Burke (Psych: Human Development); Freud, Time, and the Content of Philosophy

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Autumn 1989

Edward J. Donner (Human Development); The Contributions of Arousal and Mood to Health and Illness

Kevin Raymond Rathunde ( Psych: Human Development); Family Context and Optimal Experience in the Development of Talent

Summer 1989

Margaret Masters Browning (Human Development); Self-Regulation in the Strange Situation: Assessment of Developmental Vulnerabilities in Premature Infants

Patricia Ann Lorek (Behavioral Sciences: Human Development); The Academic and Emotional Sequelae of Parental Divorce in Talented Adolescents

Debora Leman Pool (Human Development); A Study of Children's and Adults' Understanding of "Moral," "Traditional," and "Prudential" Breaches

Spring 1989

Sara Jean Ehrenberg (Human Development); The Effects of Analytic Instructions on Young Children's Ability to Solve Scientific Problems Systematically

Jill Dianne Swenson (Behavioral Sciences:Human Development); TV News Viewers: Making Meaning Out of Iran Contra

Tarragona De Oliveres (Human Development); Patients' Experiences of Psychotherapy between Sessions: Their Relationship to Some Input, Process, and Output Variables of Psychotherapy

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