CHD Alumni Communication Survey

We would love to hear how you would prefer to find out your HD information, and if you would like to tell us, you can do so by filling out this short survey!

Please let us know how to best reach out to you and create a strong alumni base to connect with one another. We hope to compile a yearly news article about the department including visitors, faculty and student work, and an alumni support network. If you would like to opt out of this letter you can also let us know as part of the last question in the survey.

Thank you for your time and helping to facilitate alumni communications!

I would like to opt out of all updates relating to the department, including information of current events and news. This does not include divisional information or remove me from any alumni database lists, and only serves as a notice to not receive future departmental alumni outreach.
If you no longer wish to receive information about CHD please let us know your name so we can remove you from out lists.