Human Development Students Association (HDSA)

The Human Development Student Association is the official student organization for HD students. Meeting times vary and are announced via email. Regular participation in HDSA meetings and events is expected of students during their coursework and is encouraged thereafter. Traditionally, second year students hold most of the administrative positions for HDSA and first year students assist in setting up events.

2018-2019 Positions

  • President - Mary Cook
  • First Year Outreach - Natalie Dowling
  • Treasurer - Amy Leung
  • Social Chairs - Zoe Berman and Arvind Ilamaran
  • Colloquia Liaison: Shruthi Vaidya

2017-2018 Positions

  • Co- Presidents - Hilary N. Tackie and Krista Olsen
  • First Year Outreach - Stephanie Palazzo
  • Treasurers - Layne Teska and Bronwyn Nichols
  • Social Chairs - Almaz Megshina and Coltan Scrivner

2015-16 Positions

  • Co- Presidents - Gabe Velez and Talia Gordon
  • First Year Outreach - Camille Roussel
  • Treasurer - Sharon Seegers
  • Social Chair- Nora Nickels

2014-15 Positions

  • President - Sanja Miklin
  • Treasurer - Amanda Brown
  • Social Chair - Carly Bertrand
  • Faculty Liaison - Erin McFee
  • Workshop Coordinator - Sanja Miklin

2013-2014 Positions

  • President - Erin McFee
  • Treasurer - Becca Frausel
  • Social Chair - Sean Coyne
  • Faculty Liaison - Rita Biagioli
  • Workshop Coordinator - David Ansari

Meeting Information

Meeting Location: Foster 008
Meeting Day: typically Thursday at the beginning of the quarter
Meeting Time: 4:30pm-5:30pm

Organization Purpose

  • Provide a platform for a more coherent and unified Human Development students voice in the university.
  • Organize social and community events related to the needs of Human Development students specifically and the university community in general, and
  • Organize opportunities for members and the university community to exchange ideas on subjects related to human development.

Student Resources

CHD Workshop

Student attendance at the CHD Workshop is mandatory for first and second years. It is highly encouraged for advanced students. Traditionally, two 2nd year students have coordinated the workshop in paid positions and two 1st year students volunteer to organize refreshments, set-up and clean-up. The workshop coordinators select workshop presenters, and they take suggestions from both faculty and students. Both faculty and advanced students present at the workshop.

HDSA Student Conference

The HDSA student conference is an annual event where second year graduate students in the program present their trial research project. The 2010 conference will be the 17th HDSA Student Conference. The trial research project is a large, independent work of empirical research that each student in the Department of Comparative Human Development must complete before receiving his or her MA and proceeding to write his or her dissertation proposal. The student conference is a chance for second year students in the program to present their work to their peers, professors, and the University community, as well as a chance for the wider community to learn more about these projects and celebrate the achievement of the second year students. A distinguished visiting speaker delivers the keynote address and joins the conference attendees for dinner. The HDSA student conference is the largest event that HDSA plans and a cornerstone of the academic year in the Department of Comparative Human Development.

Student Funding

A good rule of thumb is to assume that everyone in HD has a different funding package – including tuition payments, stipends and monies for trial research. Keep all official documentation you receive from the department and the Division of Social Sciences (SSD). Copies of these documents are usually kept in the HD office. Please consult Janie Lardner (HD administrator) or your adviser for the particulars of your funding package.

Fellowships, Financial Aid and Grants

See the Social Science Divison's Admissions and Financial Aid website, and this website's Grants page. Watch for emails from the administrators in the Office of Graduate Affairs and in the Social Sciences Division. They put on fellowship workshops and overviews early in fall quarter for major grants. Some fellowships and grants are announced through email, so sign up for multiple listhosts in areas of your interest. The following databases also provide information on funding resources: