Professor Guanglei Hong’s research monograph, Causality in a Social World: Moderation, Mediation and Spill-over was published

CHD faculty member Guanglei Hong’s research monograph, Causality in a Social World: Moderation, Mediation and Spill-over, was published by Wiley in July 2015. 

"Without disciplined reasoning," Prof. Hong writes, "a causal inference would slip into the rut of a ‘casual inference’ as easily as making a typographical error.” Aimed at applied researchers, the book clarifies the theoretical concepts of moderated effects, mediated effects, and spill-over effects. It systematically introduces innovative statistical strategies for investigating these causal effects and aims to make them readily accessible to a broad audience. A major emphasis is placed on explicating and evaluating, in the context of real applications drawn from social sciences, education, and health research, the assumptions required for relating causal parameters of interest to empirical data given a specific research design.

Prof. Hong’s interview with Statistics Views about the publication of this book can be accessed here: