New CHD Professor Anna Mueller Receives 4 Awards for Recent Articles

This summer, three papers co-authored by Professor Anna Mueller and Professor Seth Abrutyn, were awarded four best paper awards from the American Sociological Association. The awards have been announced publicly and the ceremonies to confer these awards will take place in August.  

Below are the paper’s citations and the name of the award(s) each has won. For more information about Professor Mueller please visit her faculty page here.

Abrutyn, Seth and Anna S. Mueller. 2014. “Are Suicidal Behaviors Contagious in Adolescence?: Using Longitudinal Data to Examine Suicide Suggestion” American Sociological Review 79(2): 211-227.  

-Eliot Friedson Outstanding Publication Award (2015), Section on Medical Sociology, American Sociology Association

-Outstanding Scholarly Contribution Award (2015), Section on Children and Youth, American Sociological Association

Mueller, Anna S. & Seth Abrutyn. 2015. “Suicidal Disclosures among Friends: Using Social Network Data to Understand Suicide Contagion.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior 56(1): 131-148.

-Best Publication Award (2015), Section on Sociology of Mental Health, American Sociological Association

Abrutyn, Seth, and Anna S. Mueller. 2014. “The Socioemotional Structure of Suicide: A Microsociological View of Durkheim’s Suicide.” Sociological Theory 32(4): 327-351.

-Recent Contribution Award (2015) (for outstanding contribution to the literature), Section on Sociology of Emotions, American Sociological Association