Other Academic Appointments

Senior Research Associates, Postdoctoral Researchers, and Lecturers

David Ansari

Teaching Fellow in the Social Sciences

RO 318H

David Ansari is a medical anthropologist with research and teaching interests at the intersections of health and human rights, transnational migration, health services research, and ethnographies of organizations.

Altaïr Despres

Postdoctoral Researcher

RO 331D

Trained in anthropology and sociology, Dr. Altaïr Despres examines how international mobility and transnational experiences shape social trajectories and hierarchies in sub-Saharan Africa.  She has conducted ethnographic fieldwork in both West Africa (Mali, Burkina Faso) and East Africa (Zanzibar-Tanzania).

Laura Horton

Teaching Fellow in the Social Sciences

RO 318H

Laura Horton's work combines ethnographic, computational and linguistic elicitation methods and engages with the fields of linguistic anthropology, developmental psychology, language acquisition and education.

Sevda Numanbayraktaroglu

Visiting Assistant Professor

RO 331D

Dr. Sevda Numanbayraktaroglu specializes in the field of human development across the life span with an emphasis on the social constitution of the self and gendered emotional subjectivity. Much of her research addresses the topics of the self and language, subjectivity and social change, and language socialization. Her work focuses on Turkey, and combines ethnographic, quantitative, and discourse analytic methods.


Séamus Power

Teaching Fellow in the Social Sciences

RO 325B

Dr. Séamus Power is a trans-disciplinary scholar with expertise in social, cultural, and political psychology and is a Post-Doctoral Fellow with Professor Richard Shweder. 

Lindsey Richland

Research Associate Professor

Lindsey Richland investigates children's memory and analytical reasoning development.  Much of her work explores children's emergent ability to think about relationships and make inferences such as through metaphor and analogy.

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